About the Blog

Do you love to Browse because you want to Learn something useful?

Well, you came to the right place, Browsing buddy! This is your home!

Why “Browse with Mafel”?

We now live in a world where the word “BROWSING” is a Big word. We can learn anything and everything under the sun through Browsing. We can learn how to develop our skills, we can learn how to have a healthy lifestyle, we can see updates about our favourite artists, we can be updated on different events happening from afar, we can answer our school homework, and we can even laugh while Browsing. In just one click, you can surf the world.

I launched this site to give inspiration and share all my thoughts, knowledge, and experience in the field of Virtual Assistance and Social media. I want to connect to all those people who believe that Browsing is not a waste of time but rather an opportunity to learn something to develop oneself.


Thank you for asking, Browsing buddy! Currently based in Philippines, “BROWSE WITH MAFEL” was founded by Mafel Gorne who is a Marketing Graduate from a State University. Third person aside, This website was launched April 2016, Obviously, I’m just getting started but that doesn’t mean this site will no longer be useful for you. Out of passion, this site was created to share newbie-friendly tutorials to aspiring Virtual Professionals and aside from that I can feed you with overflowing inspiration and tips about Social media.

If I am not writing a blog, I am just sitting on a couch reading marketing books, self-help books, books about money, books about business, books about investment, books about social media. If I am not writing a blog, I’m just singing freely like a Diva if not, you will see me at the Backstage of the Feast PICC serving as a Stage Manager or else I am doing a research on how we can promote our Feast events.

I believe in the saying “Do what you love and love what you do.” That’s why I am crazily pursuing all my passion. I do all the things that I want. Thirst and hunger for Time freedom push me to pursue Virtual Careers.

Be my Browsing buddy! Can I hear a BIG YES?!

Together, Let us expand our Brain Territory and live a life full of learning.


Your Browsing buddy,

Mafel Gorne