Paypal: Receive Payment for a Job Well Done

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Let’s say you rendered a great service and if there’s a service rendered, there’s a demand for payment, right? With Paypal, receiving and sending payment doesn’t need to be hard and take too much of your time.

Receive payment for


Today, let me walk you through how easy it is to receive money via Paypal. 

What you need is a Paypal account with a confirmed email address. Then the email address is the thing your client needs to send you money. As soon as the payment has been successfully credited to your account, you will be notified via email. You may withdraw the funds straight to your bank account or store the money in your Paypal account in case of your future online transactions. Plus, all the transactions are recorded in the account history so rest assured that you can keep track of them.

Now, to make sure that you can create a Paypal account with ease, here I provided a very simple step by step tutorial on how to start with it.

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Mothers, Keep Shining!

If you are a mother with a loving husband raising fantastic kids or You are a single mom that bravely nurturing amazing kids, I salute you! Being a mother is the hardest yet the most pleasurable profession in life as a woman.

And as a mother you have big dreams for your family, right? You want to pursue that dreams but you don’t know how to start? I am not a mother yet but I want to help encourage amazing mothers to achieve their dreams by sharing these lessons I just learned from Mia Redrick.

Are you ready?



“Loving yourself is not being selfish at all; it is an act of taking care of yourself to make more impact to your loved ones”

Love yourself, it is a song of Justin Bieber that made a million hit. It really has a good point. Before you can love others you have to love yourself first because you cannot give love to others if you fail to give it to yourself.

Being a Mom doesn’t require you to look haggard and messy. You have to stand straight and pamper yourself as a way of recharging. Tell the world, “I’m a Mom and still look amazing.”

And every time you wake up is an opportunity to grow, to glow, to learn new skills, to meet people with the same dream as you. You have to surround yourself to those are wiser than you because that’s where growth happens.

You have to be a champion in your own way so you can produce a champion kid. Agree?


“You become limitless when you overcome what holds you back.”- Lorri Myers

You know, being a Mom you might say, “I’m already a mother, I’m just like this, I don’t have time for that, I’m contented with this kind of life, I still have to do a lot of chores.” But come on, you can still be the best mother to your child while pursuing the dreams in your heart, you can be far more than a housewife. You can be an entrepreneur, you can be a book writer, you can earn millions at home. It is just a matter of persuading yourself that you are capable!

You have to believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve everything. Limitation is just a word.


Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” –Jim Rohn

Let me ask you, what do you do during your spare time? Do you watch shows in TV or Browse your facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Oooopps! I think you have to change your habit; you have to shift your actions because what you do today brings value for tomorrow.  Create a habit that will make you closer to your dreams, that’s the rule. If you are chasing a specific dream, you must do small simple things each day, remember “Big cannot exist without small things.” You have to allot certain time specifically to work towards your dreams.


“If you are not willing to learn no one can help you but if you are willing to learn no one can stop you. BE UNSTOPPABLE.”

There was a survey made. The researchers asked the unsuccessful people who are in 60s what is their biggest regret in life.  The majority answered, “I did not take enough risks for my dreams”.

This is the example of what Analysis Paralysis is, you keep on planning without fulfilling it little by little and then you will realize you are already old and you failed to try it. What is the logic there? Never delay your progress!

Don’t live a life full of regrets!

“For anyone who is not courageous enough to take risks will never accomplish anything in life.” – Muhammad Ali


“There are more than billions of people in the world. Don’t let the opinion of 1 stop you from getting your dreams.”

No matter what happens, no matter what circumstances it might be. You have to keep going!  You have a dream because you have a family, and whatever dream is that, that meant to be fulfilled. Marrying your dreams is like marrying your husband you have to say these words of commitment, “I promise, from this day forward I will pursue you, think of you each day, I will not stop till I have you.”


Mom, You deserve to SHINE

A happy mother creates a happy home. Believe this, you can achieve your dreams no matter how long it will take the thing is you have to start now. Now is the time to throw all the excuses.

I am excited about your Journey!

EVERNOTE: Collect it all in ONE PLACE

Taking important notes is very important to us. We do it for personal use and for business right? And do you know that you can do more than just taking notes in one tool? I want you to meet Evernote! It is my pleasure to show you how it can help you organize your things and thoughts. See what it can do for you.

Collect it all in one place

Take a note, buddy!

Sometimes we cannot fully trust our brain when it comes to remembering stuff because our brain is not capable of storing everything that we read, hear and see so better that we always put them into paper or notes. It could be a business meeting notes, school notes, coaching notes, and notes from your favourite inspirational speaker. Anything you want to remember put it to Evernote. A note is a bin of information. You can turn your simplest idea to your wild big project.

Use your camera to take notes

In Evernote, taking a note is not limited to typing. Take pictures of things you want to remember like restaurant menus, whiteboard brainstorms, receipt, recipe, and so on. Anything that you can’t type can just simply be captured and saved in Evernote.


Do a checklist

We know that it is very important to create our every day to do list to make sure we become productive at the end of the day. With Evernote, you can make a checklist to track your accomplishments. Check them off as you complete them.

Create reminders and be notified

You’ll have peace of mind because Evernote will remind for each task or notes that you are working on. If you got important meeting or event coming up, no worries! Simply create a note and set a reminder for when it starts. Ticktock! ticktock!

Attach documents to notes

With Evernote, you can simply attach the documents or files related to your notes or ideas so you don’t need to open folders after another after another. All your documents are kept inside right your notes like PDFs, Office docs, images. Compile it in a project notebook.

Type and search it 

If you have a lot of notes, scrolling them one by one will waste your time that’s why Evernote makes a powerful search for you to find documents, text, and images fast. Just type in the search bar any words that are in and related to your notes and you will see it.

Share your notes    

Unlock the communication barrier with Evernote. Now, you can share your notes with your friends, classmates, and co-workers from around the world to make knowledge sharing and project collaboration effectively. They can edit the note and all the changes will sync to all devices automatically. You can also share some memories or share the grocery checklist to your family.

Clip it, buddy!

What if while you browse a website you saw something related to your ideas or project, what you will do? Copy paste? Nope! Use the Web Clipper by Evernote Get your web Cipper here. Clip the articles, testimonials, receipt, and booking confirmation save it to Evernote and you can access online or offline anytime you want. With web clipper, you can compile all of the physical and digital details for your projects in one place.

Your back pocket scanner

Capture the paper and see the texts effortlessly. If you have important receipt and paperwork, Evernote camera recognizes documents and automatically captures, crops, and enhances the text for your comfort, Amazing!

Available on all devices all the time

Everything you save in Evernote will be automatically be saved on all your devices anytime anywhere. It maybe your notes, web clips, files, and images, don’t worry they are instantly available on all your devices forever.


Alright, now I am done sharing you what Evernote can do for you, now let me share with you a very simple step by step tutorial on how to use Evernote.

Happy browsing, my buddy!

Dropbox: The Perfect Home for Your Stuffs

We don’t know when our computer or phones will get busted so backing up our files is a wise decision and I am glad to discover Dropbox.

Dropbox has the capability to save all your photos, documents, videos, and files. You can see all the stuffs you saved in Dropbox on all your devices such as computer, phones, Tablets, and even in the Dropbox website so you can access your stuff all the time wherever you are. Dropbox makes sure that if you edit the file on your computer the file will be updated automatically on all the devices.

Dropbox photo.jpg

Easy sharing is one the major features of Dropbox. You can invite your friends, classmates, workmates, family, and client to any folder in your Dropbox and it will be as if you save the files or folders directly to their computer. You can also send the link of the file to people you want to share to.

Even if your computer got broken or your phone dove into the water, do not worry your stuff is super safe in Dropbox and can be restored in a second get started now!

Here, I prepared a simple newbie-friendly tutorial on how to use Dropbox.

Let us begin, My Browsing Buddy!


Postcron: Automate before it’s too late

Hi buddy, how are you doing today? Me, I feel pretty excited to share with you another simple tool that will help you automate posts on major social media platforms.

We love to value time, right? So we look for a tool to work ahead and organize media content. Once you found the perfect tool for you. Dive deep on it.

So let me introduce to you Postcron, It is another automation buddy which you can post automatically on major social media platforms such as Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram all from one place.

Postcron photo

They offer free accounts that can have up to ten pending posts at a time. And they have paid versions which you can do unlimited pending posts, you will have the access to add team members (perfect if you are doing business) and you can link several accounts. Here I provided the screenshot for you to take a look.

postcron pricing screenshot

Are you ready? Come on, take a look at this newbie-friendly tutorial I made for you.

Happy browsing, my buddy!

Superb Social Media Tips for Freshies

Are you new in doing online business and you don’t know how start growing it? Clap clap! You are browsing the right page. I can definitely help you, my buddy!

I am so happy to have this opportunity again to share to you more simple yet useful tips in social media management.

socila media tips photo

Today, I just want to share with you what I’ve just learned about social media management and I am pretty sure that this will be a big help for you if you are just starting to grow your presence online. We should all know that the “Principle of Baby Steps” should be applied for start-ups business online. Remember, every big thing starts with a small thing so growing your business online is not a one-time big time process but it will absolutely grow gradually if you are using the right strategy.

Are you ready? Come on, Take a look at the perfect tips I compiled for you.

Happy browsing, my buddy!


WordPress: Make Your Site Impressively Beautiful

Today, I am soooo excited to share with you another step by step tutorial and that is “How to create a free website with WordPress”

Buddy, what is WordPress? It is a software where you can create any kind of website.

Wordpress photo

Personally, one of the reasons why I opt to use WordPress is because I don’t have knowledge of designing a website and I am telling you I am not alone, as a matter of fact, most people prefer using it because they don’t have any prior knowledge of designing websites. What makes it an ideal candidate for us is there are thousands of free perfect templates (themes) to choose from, that is why it is perfect for me because it is totally customizable and can be used for almost anything.

There is also a service called free which lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog and it also have the Self-hosted WordPress which comes with a paid version.

For now, Let me give you a quick and simple step by step tutorial on how to create a free website with WordPress.

Let us begin, My Browsing Buddy!

IFTTT: The Powerful way to AUTOMATE your Social Life

Hi, Buddy! Let me introduce to you another app that will absolutely make your social life much easier. I want you to meet IFTTT!

IFTTT blog photo

So what is it? It is a free web-based tool that will allow you to have creative control over the products and apps that you use. With it, you can create special recipes for your social life. You can set up a trigger and then a certain action will happen automatically without your presence. Is in it amazing?! IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”

IFTTT blog photo (2)

Let us do a quick Definition of important terms

Recipes are simple connections between products and apps. There are two types of Recipes: DO Recipes and IF Recipes.

DO Recipes run with just a tap and enable you to create your own personalized Button, Camera, and Notepad. The DO apps are also available for iOS and android.

IF Recipes create a powerful connection between the two apps— if this then that.

Channels are the basic building blocks of Recipes. Each Channel has its own Triggers and Actions.

Triggers it is the “IF this” in the IF Recipe.

Action is the “then that” in the IF recipe.

Now, let me walk you through the world of IFTTT by playing the tutorial below.

Let us begin, My Browsing Buddy!


PicMonkey: The Alternative for Photoshop

If this is your first time to hear PicMonkey then let me give you a quick introduction about it. It is an online design tool that allows you to do basic photo editing.

Before, I thought coming up with a great image should be done with Photoshop but when I met PicMonkey photo editing becomes a “piece of cake” for me because it is a perfect for not so techie people to edit photos. It has features that are very easy to use, with it, you can edit photos like a boss, it has touch up tools to bring out the best of your facial features, you can create your own design to come up with eye-catching photos for your social media that will make impact to your audience and lastly, you can bring several photos in a collage and use layouts, pattern swatches, and dazzling effects.

picmonkey blog photo 1

It has a Royale version, you can pay $4.99 per month billed monthly or $33 per year billed annually (Annual: $2.75 per month here you can have 45% savings monthly)

For real quick editing, making your next masterpiece, or other design concerns, it doesn’t need to be too much expensive because PicMonkey is there to help you.

Come on, together, let us explore PicMonkey. Let us begin, My Browsing Buddy!

Facebook ads: Turn your Business Goals into Reality

You can reach your goals by reaching the right people, that is the promise of Facebook. The ads they offer are meant to help you get the best possible response from the people who see your ads. Whether you want to get more people in your shop, on your website, installing your app, liking or commenting on your Page and more, what makes Facebook an amazing place for advertisement is you can choose your audience while maximizing your budget for advertisement.

Facebook ads photo.jpg

Accuracy is what makes Facebook powerful and unique. It enables businesses to reach people based on location, age, gender, interests and much more. They help you create your Facebook ad so your ad will make an impact right from the start. There are ready to use tools to know how ads are performing and make them even better.

You’ll get regular updates from Facebook on how your ads perform – such as how many people have seen your ad and how many responded with it. And to make your ads better based on how people respond, Facebook will give you key details on ads performance and tools to make edits even after your adverts are published. Facebook is the perfect match to create ads that make your goals turn into reality.

Let me give you a step by step tutorial on how to use Facebook ad by playing the presentation below.

Let us begin, My Browsing Buddy!