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You should work with the Superb Virtual Professional! Why?


Superb means excellent, impressively splendid.

Virtual Professional is generally self-employed who uses his or her expertise to help clients achieve their business goals.



Hi, I am Mafel Gorne, Your Superb Virtual Professional.  I’m a person who is perfectly driven by opportunities to acquire knowledge and unique experience that can help me elevate my expertise in SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT.

I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy working with me because I always love to build the relationship with people specifically with my clients and give them more than what they deserve.

You will definitely benefit from my passion and that is to produce outstanding quality work and deliver accurate result and profit stability.

Working with me is like having a peace of mind because you can totally depend on my creativity, organizing skills, and marketing skills.


What will be my role in your business?

I will be your Content marketing strategist. Increase customer interaction on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google plus, and Linked in. I know how to use Canva and Picmonkey to create amazing social media photos. I will use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to attract readers and potential customers to your website or blog. Managing, integrating, and scheduling social media post using Hootsuite, Buffer, eclincher, Postplanner, and Postcron. I can create and run legal Facebook contests and events. Interpret Pinterest Statistics. Interpret facebook insights like a Pro. Automate social media postings using IFTTT or Zapier.  I can create facebook groups to build your online tribe or customers and prospects. I can manage Projects using Trello or Asana. I can manage multiple GTD using Evernote. Installation and analysis of website statistics using Google Analytics. Scarcity Marketing. Conversion Optimization. I can create responsive websitesMailchimp, WordPress, Google drive, Drop Box, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word.

This will generate significant revenue for your business, and provides an excellent return on the investment plotted by the business.


Short employment history

  • Customer Service and Sales Administrator, Homeland Pinoy Real Estate Services
  • Sales and Marketing Staff, Save22 Inc. Marketing and Advertising firm
  • Planning and Development Associate, Sterling Paper Products Enterprise Incorporated
  • Customer Representative, Expert Global Solutions


Accomplishments as a Marketing Student

  • 2nd Placer in MARKETING WIZ: Battle of the Brainiacs
  • 2nd Placer in Case Study Competition
  • Member of the Executive Committee, Corporate Relations- PUP Junior Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Head- Fuel up Production Seminar
  • Brand Management Participant
  • Have closed multiple sponsorship deals with the well-known companies
  • 1st Placer in The Voice: The Search for the New Marketing Sensation


Non-Academic  Accomplishments

  • Events Marketing Committee Member, The Feast Bay Area
  • Stage Manager, The Feast Bay Area PM Session
  • Christian Nurturing Formation Head, Christian Methodist Youth Organization
  • Vice President for local Church, Christian Methodist Youth Organization
  • Organizer and Performer of Concerts, Christian Youth Local Church
  • Organizer of Spiritual Events and Camps, Christian Youth Local Church
  • Ministry Head and Facilitator, Christian Youth Local Church


Workshops, Seminars, and Training Attended

  • Virtual Career Seminar and Webinars by Jomar Hilario
  • Date with Freedom by Jomar Hilario
  • Fuel your Passion: Prepare to be on top by Fuel up Productions
  • Marketing Tips from Young Outstanding Leaders and Officials
  • Branding, Integrated Marketing Communication, and Digital Marketing
  • ZOOM IN: Brands with Successful DNA Strands
  • MEGAMINDS: Marketing Professional IDEAS eXchange by MarkProf Foundation, Inc.
  • Marketing Professional Roadshow: “Empower= (MarkProf Candidate)”
  • Diversity Marketing: Segment. Target. Position. The Core of Modern Strategic Marketing
  • Empowering Marketing Professional Candidates by MarkProf Foundation, Inc.
  • Marketing Greenaid: Blast to the New Color of Business Trends
  • Guerilla Marketing: The Wrath of Imaginative Minds
  • D’ Gremlin Style: An Infectious Trend in the Business Industry
  • Marketing SOS: Serving the Unserved and the Underserved
  • Now Serving:  Unserved & Underserved Market
  • Warfare: Raid the Jungle, Prepare for the Battle
  • GOLIATH meets JUAN: The Giant Firms’ Promotional Approach to Filipinos
  • Leading Companies: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Talent Advancement: We’ve Got Moves Like a Manager


Let’s work together? Can I hear a BIG YES?!

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Skype:  iammafelg