Postcron: Automate before it’s too late

Hi buddy, how are you doing today? Me, I feel pretty excited to share with you another simple tool that will help you automate posts on major social media platforms.

We love to value time, right? So we look for a tool to work ahead and organize media content. Once you found the perfect tool for you. Dive deep on it.

So let me introduce to you Postcron, It is another automation buddy which you can post automatically on major social media platforms such as Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram all from one place.

Postcron photo

They offer free accounts that can have up to ten pending posts at a time. And they have paid versions which you can do unlimited pending posts, you will have the access to add team members (perfect if you are doing business) and you can link several accounts. Here I provided the screenshot for you to take a look.

postcron pricing screenshot

Are you ready? Come on, take a look at this newbie-friendly tutorial I made for you.

Happy browsing, my buddy!


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