Hi, Buddy! I really appreciate your time for dropping by here, Thank you! I hope this website will be an instrument for me to share with you my virtual career journey and also to inspire you to achieve your dreams. And here, we will interact and share knowledge about social media. I’m so excited. Let’s have some fun while learning!



Mafel is not only professional at what she does but she is an absolute peace of mind generator. The tasks she’s taken off my plate helped me to have the time to do what I love in my business.  When you’re an entrepreneur that can be the biggest obstacle. She’s a gem.

Melissa Zoske, Wealth and Energy Alignment Expert , CEO at MelissaZoske.com

Mafel has been a dream to work with! She got up and running right away, and I am so impressed with how little time it takes her to accomplish all the tasks I send her way! She’s always looking out for ways to improve the business. I really feel like I can rely on her to keep me focused on what’s most important and take the things off my plate that I shouldn’t be focusing on. Thank you, Mafel, for all that you’ve done to help me move my business forward!

Monica Louie, Business and Financial Coach, Founder of OurDebtFreeFamily.com

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